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Johnny Sirpilla

Johnny Sirpilla, founder of Encourage, LLC., is an entrepreneur, passionate leader, and a committed family man. He has endured personal tragedy which created the foundation and beliefs that led him to understand the leadership style he has been called to serve. Johnny is an active public speaker and promoter of reshaping thoughts through difficult times to accept, grow and eventually thrive. His company is a self-funded small private equity firm with four divisions; Encourage Healthy Living, Encourage Leadership, Encourage Investment and Encourage Adoption. A believer in seasons of life, Johnny has chosen to spend his 50’s focused on driving meaningful change in the workplace and at home through Encourage, LLC. He has worked in family business, small business and corporate America. He retired in 2017 as Chief Business Development Offer and past retail President from Camping World after a successful IPO.

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My name is Colin Morgan and I have made it my mission to empower and inspire others. 

Before being an entrepreneur and speaker, I was on a path to the PGA Tour. I was passionate about sports and golf was the vehicle which allowed me to live my dream of playing professional golf. 

That dream hit a wall, and I was forced to create a new future for myself. 

I decided to start my own business. In fact, I tried starting 3 businesses which all failed. 

I was lost, had no direction, and was forced to take a job. 

I was determined to create my own future, so I started learning and listening to others. It was from those stories, I decided to try again. Now, here we are! I am living my dream and am determined to help others live theirs too. 

Episode 175: Billy Gene

Billy Gene is the world’s smartest digital marketer. He serves as the president of one of the world’s leading digital advertising schools, Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc. He has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners how to turn “Clicks Into Customers”. His renowned C.A.M.P. (Customer Acquisition Masters Program) teaches marketers how to use social media to get ROI for local businesses.

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