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Content That Drives Revenue.

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Why podcasting?


Podcasts give you unlimited content. You can take clips of your podcast and post them on your social channels. You can transcribe the podcast and turn it into blogs. You can film the podcast and put it on YouTube. 


Hosting and appearing on podcasts give you an authority in your field. It positions you as an expert. In doing so it builds trust with your audience, current clients, and future clients. 


Content creates social proof. Social proof creates builds trust which creates clients. This way of growth provides you and your business with a consistent flow of warm leads. 

other benefits

  • Podcasts help capture an audience and highlight the service or product of your business. As stated by Cyber World, one of the benefits of podcasting for business is that it offers an excellent platform for a company to share the know-how on its products or topics.

  • Podcasts help generate higher traffic for your company’s business marketing. Podcasts are engaging in general—which is actually one of the initial benefits of podcasting for business. If a business is looking to expand its following among its customers, it can use podcasts as part of its marketing strategy.

  • Podcasts can help boost your business’s overall revenue. Also, one of the benefits of podcasts is that they are not that expensive to create, compared to making videos.

What we offer


It is here where all the crucial work is done. How your podcast will be presented and whom it is presented for is the key to the success of your show. 


Setting up your podcast is a key component. You want to ensure you are on all platforms, your artwork is created, music picked, and all you have to do is hit record. 


Now your podcast is recorded we ensure that the people you want listening to your show are. We develop a strategy to ensure the consistent growth of your show. 

Why choose us?

When you work with The Daily Grind you are working with someone who has done what you are trying to do. In 2017, Colin started The Daily Grind Podcast. One year later, he quit his job and turned his passion into his full-time business. 

Since that launch in only two short years, Colin has built one of the most successful business podcasts out there with over 3,000,000 total downloads and a following of over 16,000 listeners a day. 

Colin understands how to deliver a message that resonates with an audience and most importantly ensures they actually hear it. 

If you are an influencer, CEO, or entrepreneur who wants to create a show that is better than the competition, The Daily Grind is for you. 

Adam Schaeuble / Million Pound Mission

Colin changed my business with ONE SIMPLE TIP. I had the pleasure of having him as a guest on my podcast (Casting The Pod episode 019) and he blew me away with his advice that helped me connect with my audience and convert them into clients. I highly recommend him as a coach and he's an amazing podcaster and podcast guest! 

AJ Wilcox / CEO

"The single greatest resource for people looking to drive business and generate revenue through podcasting. It's an extremely complete guide to every angle you'll need to consider. For any business, make this your bible!"

Jaryd Krause / Buying Online Businesses

I love the psychology you go into in terms of sales, I have done a lot of sales and this is the best skill we can have as entrepreneurs for sure!

There is no better time to start a podcast

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